Development and Evaluation of Internet-based Geographic and Environment Biodiversity Information System in Nueva Ecija


  • Maria Isabel Milagroso Central Luzon State University



Internet-based GIS, environment, biodiversity, information system, Nueva Ecija


This study delved on the development and evaluation of an Internet-based geographic, environment, and biodiversity information system in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The purpose of this study was to help facilitate various environment and biodiversity management processes, which includes a tool for facts-based decision-making, operation, monitoring, and evaluating ecosystems. The researcher implemented a research and development design wherein the developed system underwent design and development, testing, and evaluation for its significance. This research design used the SCRUM Agile Methodology as a guide in developing and improving the capability of the system. The system was developed based on the requirements of the users and pilot tested to determine its usability. The end users consisted of ten (10) Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) employees and Biologist/Biodiversity Monitoring Committee members, and twenty (20) people from the community. They agreed that the developed system was usable, functional, reliable, and user-friendly. Moreover, three (3) Information Technology (IT) experts agreed that the system uses an appropriate database design, user interface. The IT experts also approved that the developed system was functional, maintainable, and secured.