Enhancing Capacity on Data Analysis among Gender and Development Focal Persons Through Training


  • Maria Yna Diane B. Manalastas Central Luzon State University
  • Maria Excelsis Orden Central Luzon State University
  • Anna Maria Lourdes S. Latonio Central Luzon State University




GAD Focal Point System, socio-economics, data analytics, capability building, SERDAC


Gender and development (GAD)-related issues are important topics in nation building. GAD focal persons in government agencies are identified to mainstream implementation of GAD-related activities to include research and development. However, one of the limiting factors in gender-related research is the lack of technical knowledge on data analytics which is fundamental for decision-making. The Socio-Economics Research and Data Analytics Center in Luzon (SERDAC–Luzon) was established as a government’s response to this limitation. The Center aims to enhance the capacity of researchers in basic and advanced socio-economic research, especially on the use of statistical software for data analytics to a range of gender issues. Trainings were conducted among GAD focal persons to enhance their competency on the use of SPSS for data analytics. Lectures, discussions, and workshops using the software were the teaching modalities. Data on the GAD focal person participants in the trainings conducted at two universities were used. The pre- and post-assessment scores were the variables, and the differences of the scores indicated the effects of the training on their competency and level of knowledge. Differential response of the male and female participants was also analyzed. There was a difference in the level of competency and knowledge in data analysis and the use of the software by gender as indicated in the participants’ pre- and post-assessment scores. The training was effective in providing the participants knowledge and skills. The trainings contributed to the improvement of the participants’ competency on the use of the software and knowledge for data analytics.